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Our expert team collaborates with you to identify and connect with suitable investors, ensuring a seamless journey to secure the funding your visionary project deserves. Let Connexper transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

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Discovering investors is often challenging, time-intensive, and marked by a low success rate. Connexper simplifies the funding process, facilitating connections between your venture and high-caliber investors who provide not just capital but invaluable mentorship and guidance for optimizing your business expansion.

By choosing Connexper, you gain access to our extensive network of investors, substantially improving your likelihood of securing successful funding partnerships. Elevate your fundraising journey and propel your startup to new heights by partnering with us.

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  • Venture capital
  • Angel investors
  • Crowdfunding
  • Equity-free financing
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Our investors seek startups aligning with the specified investment criteria, ensuring strategic alignment and fostering successful, mutually beneficial partnerships.


Software/Technology-focused, B2B SaaS


USA, Canada, Singapore


Pre-seed to Series A


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How much do we charge for our fundraising service?

Completely free of charge! Our primary mission is to offer invaluable support to startup founders. In the dynamic and competitive business landscape, where every dollar is crucial, our commitment is to help startup entrepreneurs to the greatest extent possible.

How do we make money from our fundraising service?

We will earn incentives from investors.

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