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Our experienced professionals collaborate closely with you to identify and establish valuable connections with potential buyers, ensuring a seamless and prosperous journey towards realizing the full value of your innovative business.

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Connexper is the ideal partner for startup founders seeking to discover their perfect match among potential buyers in our extensive network. Our carefully curated network brings together like-minded individuals, simplifying the search for the right buyer.

With our expertise in connecting entrepreneurs and investors, we optimize the exit process, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and success. Whether you are interested in selling your company or finding the perfect partner for growth, Connexper is dedicated to making your exit journey seamless and successful.

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Targeted Startup Attributes

Our investors seek startups aligning with the specified investment criteria, ensuring strategic alignment and fostering successful, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Software/Technology-focused, B2B SaaS, Online Business

USA, Canada, Singapore


Positive EBITA


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How much do we charge for our exit solution service?

It is completely free of charge because we are committed to helping you keep as much money as possible from your startup exit.

How do we make money from our exit solution service?

We will earn incentives from investors.

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